Friday, October 2, 2009

moon cake festival

haha...2day ponteng o~ shuang~
the form3 fren~
call me go play volly ball...
me wear liao my sport shoe o..
go dao there~they playing card lolz~
me c until they end play le~
sienzz at there lolzz~
only hear song at there~they so funny lolzz~that monkey n kar wei~
haha...after that go eat mee o~yummy~
afther end eat that saw fish mei o~

bak home sleep~
n play gg~haha...
my dota always lose lar~
55...wan train le lar~

go tt at 5.30~
bio o~my hate subject~
wan 2 ingat many thing de lolz~haizz~
we 6 ppl~2day~wan 2 wear 3 white n 3 black lolz~ think will yeng de~but not~

after tt~
go moon cake festival~
wah sai~this year so many ppl lar~
hoho~wan 2 walk lar~
hot hot hot~
we din take dao the carsblerg de lucky draw lolz~
haizz~nvm lar~better go eat~haha...go kfc lolz~
omg~wen jie help me pain le o~4get 2 pain bak 2 he~ o..wen jie..2moro gt bak u~
wah~the deng long at the dewan so beauty lolz
me most like de shetter badminton lo~so creative~ like badminton mar~
saw 2 mei at there lolz~haha...but din chat so much~
unhappy happen~rain le o~ fan lar...rain rain rain~
so hard 2 c ppl biao yan lolz~
lucky draw~
many cancle le o~coz many ppl bak le..coz of rain~
haizz~so wasted~
hmm~until the last lucky draw~
u know~u know~
mine is 5252 le~
kik sei me le lar~
u know?can gt tv leh~32 cun de~
omg~wan 2 throw the thing that is am taking lolz~
haizz~nvm lar~din gv luck lar~
bak home lolz~...
nth le~
kays lar~
88....wan go play gg lolz~haha..